Planned breedings
All of my dogs in my 2017 plans are tested for hip dysplasia, prior to breeding.  I also have their eyes CERF examined by a
certified Ophthalmologist.   All of my dogs are tested for the MDR1 gene, HC(HSF4)gene, PRA and DM prior to breeding.
I am now in the process of testing all my dogs for CEA. (Collie Eye Anomaly) is something a CERF test does look for.
I am also learning about Epilepsy in the breed and have been researching pedigrees to ensure low risk before I put two dogs
together for a breeding. There is no test for Epilepsy.  I feel testing is an important part of ensuring the puppy you bring home
has a better chance of being healthy. Please feel free to click on each dogs image to see what health testing has been
completed on that dog.  If you have any questions about testing, please do not hesitate to ask.
Remaining 2017 PLANS
Note the following are just plans, not all dogs may be bred and sometimes the stud chosen will be changed, even last minute.  
All plans are dependant on health testing results, timing, and what I'm looking for.  The following are my ideas of who I'd like to
breed to whom and approximate timing.  This also depends on heat cycles and holiday timing, etc.
Jr CH Away To Me Call Me Maybe  
OFA Hips "GOOD" (normal)
MDR1, HC and DM Clear.  PRA N/P
CH Follow Me N Make Some Magic HIC "Merlin"
UCI Adult CHAMPION, & ABIDS Junior Champion
Hips OFA GOOD (normal)
Maizie and Merlin welcomed 4 puppies on her due
date November 12th. Pictures and their page coming
soon.  Pups r
eady for new homes January 7th.

Reserved: Breeder co-owner opportunity.
A.L. Reserved:  Toy sized Female with tail
B.R. Reserved: Toy sized Black Tri Female with tail
N.S. Reserved:  Red female

For pictures see my Facebook group Follow Me
Caninie Companions

Two red tri girls
One red merle boy
One blue merle boy
One of the boys I will be looking for a co-owner for.
Upcoming litters...
Ivy and Merlin welcomed 6 beautiful puppies
Ocotber 16th.  Ready for new homes December
9th, 2017 Just in time for Christmas.

These pups will be affectionate and full of
energy, great for active families or those
interested in performance dog sports.
Puppy page coming soon......
I have ONE puppy reservation spot available at
this time for pet and ONE spot available for
anyone interesting in showing and/or becoming
a Partner Family, please contact me for special
This litter is eligible for AKC Miniature American
Follow Me The Grand Finale
Follow Me N Make Some Magic

I plan to breed Effie after her health testing is
complete in or around January/February 2018
for a spring litter.  I've selected Colt as the sire.  
He is an affectionate little man, correct
structure and a very nice example in the smaller

This litter will likely produce small dogs between
13" and 15" tall.  Pups are eligible for AKC
Miniature American Shepherd.

A waiting list has begun for this litter.
If you're looking for smaller sized, often referred
to as "toy", this is the litter to watch.
Follow Me Journey's Little Miss
"Effie"     14.5"
PRA, HC & DM Clear
"Colt"    13.5"