The following tests are done on my breeding dogs:
Hip xrays to ensure normal hips.
Eye exams done by a certified Ophthalmologist to look for heriditary eye anomolies.
Genetic testing done by blood testing or DNA cheek swab:
MDR1, HC(HSF4), PRA(PRCD), DM & CEA. (Collie Eye Anomaly)
I am also learning about Epilepsy in the breed and have been researching pedigrees to ensure low risk before I put two dogs
together for a breeding. There is no test for Epilepsy.  I feel testing is an important part of ensuring the puppy you bring home
has a better chance of being healthy. Please feel free to click on each dogs image to see what health testing has been
completed on that dog.  Sometimes testing is not required if both the parents have been tested clear, therefore you will see
"cleared by parentage" beside their testing result.  If you have any questions about testing, please do not hesitate to ask.
Upcoming litters...
Looks like I have a lot of dogs, or that I'm having multiple litters at the same time....
Rest assured your puppy is getting the best care an attention.
Most of my breeding dogs don't live here.  They live with Partner Families, living the life of a family pet. Having Partner Families means I don't
have to kennel several breeding dogs here.  I would much rather have my breeding dogs living the life as a pet, and I don't believe in keeping
dogs in crates as a way to live.
 Males visit here on occasion to perform stud service.  Most females come back to me for about 6-8 weeks
while they whelp and raise their puppies.  All moms whelp here under my supervision, and once puppies are strong and thriving, some moms
and their puppies will go back to their Partner Family to be raised there for the next 3 to 5 weeks.  During those weeks, I visit often to ensure
they are getting proper care, to weight puppies, take pictures and ensure Partner Family is well advised on how to care for them.  Once
puppies are weaned from their mom, the puppies return here to continue their socialization, bite inhibition, potty training and evaluation until 8
weeks old.  Having Partner Families help raise puppies this way ensures each puppy gets individualized attention and a varied selection of
socialization and experiences.  Please understand that not all Partner Families wi
sh to have visitors, so you may have to wait until your
puppy is 5-6 weeks old before you can visit
them here.
Thank you for your understanding.
Please see my new website for available puppies
now! and new planned litters.