(if you email me at the above address and don't get a response, please try the one below)
Peterborough, ON
Please note it may take several days
to respond to your inquiry, especially
during the summer months as I am
preoccupied with moms and puppies
and showing and it may take me a few
days to even look at my email.  Thanks
Contact me at this email:
Before sending me an email...please check out my "UPCOMING LITTERS" page
before inquiring about puppies.  I keep this page updated and it indicates when I
am expecting puppies.  I have a LONG waiting list for particular colors, size and
sex.  At times, I have been overwhelmed by inquiries, which is great, but I cannot
possibly have a puppy for everyone who inquires even if approved for a puppy.
I will POST on the UPCOMING LITTERS page under each breeding pair WHEN I
am accepting deposits for that litter.  I may decide to wait until litter is born to
accept more deposits once I know how many are still available.
Thank you for your understanding. :)
My Facebook page is mostly for my
past and current puppy buyers and my
breeder friends.  If you wish to join my
group page, I ask that you first
message me and tell me why you want
to be added.  Thanks!

in a kennel.  Though, it is not a zoo.  My husband and I
own and operate our own business, therefore I am home
mostly all day, on most days, working from my office.  

It won't take long for
Keeyla to realized that someone is
here and she will come prancing to the door to greet you.  
She is very friendly to everyone she meets.  She has no
idea what people mean by "Aussie reserve."  

Next you will meet "Trigger".  You can find him on our
"Meet my dogs" page.  He instantly stole my heart the
day we first met.  He is a great guard dog, and bit
reserved with strangers, but once you get to know him,
he's a real sweetheart.  Trigger loves to play ball and tug.

Our pets are not in kennels or runs.  I exercise, train, and
give lots of love & attention to my pets and do the same
for our puppies.  I plan on giving each
puppy a good start
by providing a nurturing environment, training, and health
care.  They will be socialized & exposed to lots of different
people and things.  My dogs are not a commodity.  I
breed simply to better the Toy & Miniature sized Aussie
breed, and now the Miniature American Shepherd in
structure and breed standard, to continue to breed to
lines that offer good natured dogs with good health, and
to offer a smaller size of this wonderful dog.

I want to make a special note of thanks for the continued
support from the numerous breeders out there that I
have corresponded and consulted with prior to beginning
this adventure and during.  Your dedication to the breed
is outstanding and I appreciate all your continued support
& advice.  
Thank you.

Read more about Keeyla, Trigger & my other "co-owned"
dogs on their own page.  Just click on 'Meet My Dogs' Tab
at top of page.