Older Dogs Available
Izzy is a six year old blue merle female about 32 lbs, 16.5"
tall.  She is a vibrant and loving dog.  She loves to go for
walks and play frisbee or catch.  She also loves to snuggle.
She doesn't however like most other dogs.  She also is
wary of strangers at first and if you are interested in Izzy, it
will take some time for her to warm up to you.  Once she
does though, she will love you.  Izzy knows several
commands, like sit, stay, wait, down, dance and we are
working on "give" and to walk nicely on a leash as she
tends to pull.  She does, however walk perfectly if she gets
to hold the leash in her mouth.  Izzy is good at the
groomers and is good with getting her nails trimmed.  She
has been handled often, and has no problem with looking in
her ears or mouth.  She is a bit shy of the Vet, but allows
for a physical examination.  Izzy is a goofy, fun loving dog,
but sometimes her recall isn't good, meaning she doesn't
always come when called.  A large fenced property is what I
am looking for.  A place where she can spend LOTS of time
outdoors, which she loves. Izzy can often be found sleeping
outside, even though she
has free access to indoors.  She
loves the snow.  She is a very strong dog.  
I am looking to place Izzy in her forever home.  
Please inquire to loka@nexicom.net.  
There is no fee for her, but I will be picky to her placement
and there are some conditions with her adoption.  
Experience with dogs a must and experience with this
breed would be an asset.
 Owning Izzy is a very fulfilling
feeling, as she has an endless amount of hugs and love to